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helping with your woodland management and skills

All courses will be delivered by Graham Morgan, Director, The SLIM Woodlands C.I.C.  Graham is an Ecologist, Chartered Environmentalist, and coppice worker with 18 years professional experience of surveying and assessing land assets and promoting the benefits of sustainable land management, including for woodlands.

**Due to Government movement and social distancing restrictions in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, it is not yet possible to run our training courses. We will be continually reviewing Government guidance and will run the courses again when it is safe to do so.** 

In the meantime, to register interest in future courses, please Contact Us below. 

Introduction to Rustic Furniture Making

A full and fun day in an idyllic setting making your rustic chair from hazel.  Tailor made to fit you, the basic chair design can be made your own for an ideal addition to you outdoor or indoor sanctuary. Includes an informal lunchtime talk about coppice woodlands.

Positive Planning for Woodlands

An indoor course where you will learn the purpose of the development planning system, how to navigate it, and how to present your woodland project/business in a positive and robust position from the very beginning to the Local Planning Authority. 

Coppicing / Woodland Surveys

Spend a day in the woods learning the basics of coppicing (the oldest form of woodland management) and its benefits for wildlife and human wellbeing. 

Spend a day in the woods learning how to understand and record the features of your woodland that can be used to inform setting objectives for your woodland and making decisions about its management. 

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